Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Real Estate Secret Service

I'm not sure why this bothers me so much, but I just can't help it.  On Tuesday I attended a continuing education class about Agency Law.  It was the last class that I needed to meet the requirements for renewing my license in June of this year.  In order to renew a real estate license you must take a certain amount of continuing education hours in several different categories, one of them being Agency Law.  After about 1 hour in the class discussing some of the details of agency law we were given a 10 minute break.  It was then that a woman in the back of the class, we'll call her Betty (not her real name), says out loud, "I hope this class will work for my Disclosure credits".  What?  I'm sitting in my seat thinking that I must have mis-heard what she just said, or at least misunderstood what she meant.  Nope!  One of the other folks in the class, we'll call her Karen (not her real name either), after hearing this comment, responds by explaining to her that this was an agency class and that it would not count towards the disclosure credit that she needed.  Karen continued to try and explain to Betty that this agency class would not suffice for her disclosure creidt requirements.  If you're thinking that this doesn't seem like that tough of a concept to grasp, you are completely correct.  What frustrates me to no end is that Betty is a licensed and practicing Realtor.  How the heck does she keep track of all of the details in a real estate transaction?  She can't even get the idea that an agency class won't count towards her disclosure requirement. 

I was talking with Chris Butterworth in our office about this situation and we came up with a solution....."The Real Estate Secret Service".  This organization would have the authority to immediately confiscate anybody's real estate license at the drop of a hat.  After illustrating that you are obviously not capable of sufficently representing a buyer/seller in a real estate transaction they can single-handedly remove anybody of their ability to legally practice real estate.  From my experience in the last two continuing education classes this would eliminate, oh I don't know, maybe 50% of the real estate agents out there.

Now of course, I'm being a little light-hearted here, but the message is very serious.  Dealing with other agents on a daily basis, I meet and am priveledged to work with some very good agents.  But I also meet and have the misfortune of working with agents who have no business being in this business.  These are the agents that "The Real Estate Secret Service" should pay visit.  It would help our business become much more respected and reputable.

-Steve Nicks