Wednesday, April 11, 2007

No Parking at Orpheum Lofts

I read an article in the New Times recently about the lack of parking at the new Orpheum Lofts located in downtown Phoenix.  According to the article, residents were promised parking and/or valet service along with their condos.  They were using a nearby parking lot, which has now been sold and is going to be developed into another condo complex (which DOES have it's own parking), and current owners of Orpheum Lofts are going to have to pay an extra $30,000 to reserve themselves a parking space in the new lot!

Wow.  Now in reading the article, it occured to me that it seems a bit irresponsible to advertise high-priced condos with promised parking, without having actually confirmed or reserved land for that purpose (or if they did, they changed their mind later).  Then later, selling the lot to another developer, who in turn is selling the residents parking spaces when they have no choice.  Since the streets at First Ave and Adams are metered, the residents of the Lofts seem to have no other alternatives for parking near their homes. 

Well, maybe they can go without a car in downtown Phoenix, right?  Well, maybe for a couple of blocks, but Phoenix is such a sprawled-out city, that most residents would find it inconvenient if not impossible to live without a vehicle.  Yes, it would be great if everything was within walking distance or we had fantastic public transportation to reduce the need for a vehicle, but we don't. 

It's sad to see the residents of the Orpheum Lofts being forced into such a position, and the developer having a nice clause in their contract that will most likely absolve them of any responsibility for the false advertising.  Once again, it seems the corporations have decided to not keep their buyers best interest at heart and go for the gold of more money in their pockets for a little parking space.