Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My Latest Listing Appointment

In my attempt to relay to you the experience that I had at my last listing appointment I'm going to give you a very abbreviated version of what happened.  All the fluff in the story is really insignificant.  Most listing appointments are fairly similar.  I meet with the owners, we talk about their home, the market, a strategy to get their's sold and so forth.  This one had a few extras to it that make it noteworthy.  So I'll just give you the bulletpoint version.

  • Walk up to the house, in a neighborhood where the homes are fairly old and in not the best condition.  This house being one of them.  I'm met at the curb by a pit bull who, luckily for him (because as he was devouring me, I'm sure I would have gotten at least one or two kicks in), was chained to the bumber of the truck in the driveway.  I almost had to leave at that point just to change my shorts!  I was later told that he was there to gaurd the tools in the back of the truck.  Well this appointment is starting out just great!  And should I have brought my dog to gaurd my car while we were in the house?

  • I'm now met at the front door by one of the owners who is smoking a cigarette.  I have nothing against smoking, if that's what you need to do, but not in the house that I'm going to be trying to sell.  PLEASE!!!!

  • He invites me inside the home which is in disaray to say the least.  It's rather full of stuff, not sure what it was.  I didn't get too much of a chance to really take it all in as we walked to the kitchen table.

  • As we sit down and begin to discuss things, his fiance (the other owner of the home) walks out of a back bedroom and introduces herself.  She then proceeds to the kitchen and picks up a marijuana cigarette, lights it, and then sits down at the table to join in on the conversation.

  • So after I pick myslef up off the floor, we start talking about the condition of the market and what I think he needs to price this house at to get it sold fairly quickly.  Keep in mind that they are in a pre-foreclosure situation and don't have all the time in the world.  I suggest a price and he says to me, "I want to list it for $198,000 and I want to sell it for $198,000, and I need an agent who is going to be able to do that for me.  Can you do that?"  His price that he thought he should get for this house is approximately $20,000 higher than the highest amount that I thought he could get for this house in it's current condition.

As you can imagine this is not the type of listing that I want to take, especially in this martket where selling a house is not just as easy as putting a sign in the front yard and deciding which offer to take.  So when opportunity knocked I opened the door wide and ran out.  I explained to him that if that was the price that he wanted for this house then I probably wasn't the agent for the job.  I wanted out of this listing appointment faster than you could imagine and exited stage right ASAP.

I'm going to remember this listing appointment forever as the one that GLADLY got away.

-Steve Nicks