Friday, April 27, 2007

Here Come the Chihuahuas!

Now THIS sounds like a fun event!  For Chandler's Cinco De Mayo Celebration (on May 5th of course), they'll be hosting Chihuahua races at the downtown Public Library.  I've been to the Weiner Dog Races at Phoenix Greyhound Raceway and boy were those good for a laugh!  All those little dogs running their short legs as fast as they can.  Of course, they are not bred to be racing dogs, so you get the joy and laughs of watching them run off the course, get to the finish line and then turn around and run all the way back, sniffing around instead of running, and basically being disoriented enough that who knows which weiner dog will win!  It's a great event to bring the family to.

As for the Chihuahua races, they run from 6-7pm (although the whole event runs from noon-8pm) and concludes with a crowning of the Queen and King Chihuahua from 7-8pm.  If you've got a little racer you want to sign up, they'll be registering 150 dogs for the races at 1pm with a $10 entrance fee. 

I've got a little Chihuahua/Min-Pin mix that I'd love to register to race, but I think she'd probably rather focus on picking fights with the other Chihuahuas than actually racing.  But then again, watching a gaggle of small dogs with big attitudes decide who's the Alpha Dog might be amusing too (with no actual fighting of course!).