Friday, April 27, 2007

Are Your Pictures worth 1000 words?

Let's talk about some facts: Most buyers start their home search online. Realtors representing Buyers are going to view pictures of your home in the MLS before they show your home to their Buyers. Buyers are going to view pictures of your home online, either through the MLS or through independent sites like Bad pictures (or even worse, no pictures) can cause potential Buyers to dismiss your home from their search before they even get in their car.

Now let's ask a question: Why do I see so many listings in MLS with terrible pictures (or none at all?)

I took a listing last fall that had expired under the previous agent's representation. Here are two pictures from the two different MLS listings for that house. (these are both pictures of the same room – admittedly it's hard to tell…)

I don't claim to be a professional photographer, but when I'm trying to show people a room, I want them to see a room, not a door.

If I were selling my house, especially in today's market, I would want to make sure that my home's "good side" is going to be presented to the world. I don't think it's out of line to ask my agent if he/she uses a wide angle lens. Or even better, I would like to see samples of his/her listings already in the MLS. If these listings wouldn't inspire me as a buyer, I don't think that Realtor would inspire me as a seller.

- Chris Butterworth