Friday, April 27, 2007

$10 One-way Airfare!

It's true!  It looks like Skybus is trying to break their way into the airline business with a ridiculous fare of $10 one-way.  I just saw it on the news, and had to check it out myself.  Now, Skybus does not fly to many locations... only 9 total:  LA - Burbank, CA; San Francisco - Oakland, CA; Seattle/Vancouver - Bellingham, WA; Boston area - Portsmouth, NH; Richmond, VA; Greensboro, NC; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Kansas City, MO; and Columbus, OH which is their headquarters.  But they expect to add additional locations soon.  Every one of their flights has a minimum of 10 seats that cost only $10.  So, if you live or have relatives in/around Columbus, OH they might be able to travel to Burbank, CA for less than a tank of gas.  There is a little hitch, right now, all of the airports they send their planes to, only return to Columbus, OH... they do not fly between such as Burbank to Ft. Lauderdale.  If you happen to need to travel to Columbus, OH, you might want to try out to see if you can get one of the $10 seats.  I checked each of the airports they fly to, and found over 600 flights with a $10 fare.  Once the limited number of seats are gone on your desired flight, you will have to pay a higher price, or look for a different flight.  The highest fare I found was $125, and the typical fare were $30-$75.   

The Skybus philosophy is to get people safely and efficiently from where they are to where they want to go.  In order to make this happen, Skybus travels to airports that do not have congestion problems which causes flights to be delayed.  Because of this, Phoenix is not one of the airports they serve, but if you can catch a ride to the LA Burbank airport, you might be able to find a cheap fare.  You must be able to access the internet, because you will choose your flight, pay your fare, and get your boarding pass online.  However, you are also able to get your boarding pass at a special kiosk at the airport.  With Skybus you pay only for what you want... sandwich and a coke, early boarding, blanket or pillow (which you keep), luggage (the first 2 pieces are $5, after that, $50 each piece).  The fleet is brand new with leather seating for everyone (no first or business class available).  Planes seat approximately 156 and have wider aisles to help passengers board & deplane faster!

Click here to read the Skybus flight rules.