Monday, March 5, 2007

Yard Sales

I had my own yard sale for the first time in about 5 years last weekend and boy did I re-learn some of those old lessons!  If you're in the mood for some spring cleaning and are getting ready for your own yard sale, remember these tips!
1.  The more you have, the better.  If you only have a few items, you're going to have a lot of "drive-bys" that don't think your sale is worth looking at.  If you have furniture or big items for sale, that's the best way to get them out of their vehicle and looking at your stuff.  If you can get a clothing rack to hang your clothing, that will fill visual space, as well as keep buyers from having to dig through piles thrown on a rug.
2.  Friday is the day for the serious shoppers.  We put our signs out and within a few minutes, had at least 15 people there shopping.  I think the Friday shoppers start driving around at 7am just waiting to see someone put their sign out, so that they can get first dibs on all the good stuff!
3.  Make sure you're awake and ready BEFORE you put the signs out.  My partner started putting our signs out without telling me or checking if I was ready.  He thought Friday would be a bust, and didn't realize that by the time he got back from his 5 minute trip, I was bombarded!  Not to mention, I wasn't quite awake yet.  Remember that as soon as those signs go out, you're in business, so be ready to roll!
4.  Have as many items tagged as possible.  You'll get cotton-mouth from repeating the same prices over and over again.  Also try to keep all like-items grouped together, such as clothes and shoes, all household items, electronics, etc.
5.  Forget how much you paid for the item originally - no one cares at a yard sale!  They just want the cheapest price you'll take for it, so let go of your emotional and money attachments and sell cheap.
6.  Saturdays and Sundays tend to be "little item" shoppers that only spend a few dollars.  It's pointless to sit out there until 4pm, and also gets too warm.  We were done before noon as the shoppers were dwindling.
7.  Run your yard-sale quick before it gets too hot!