Thursday, March 1, 2007

Showing Feedback Requests

So I received a phone call yesterday from an agent who has a home listed for sale that my clients and I looked at on 2/16/07.  That day we looked at about 4 or 5 houses, and ruled all of them out for one reason or another.  And so in an effort to get some feedback for his clients he called me to see what my clients thought of the house, what I/we thought of the price, how the home showed, if we were going to make an offer, etc..  You might say to yourself, well that's a hard working agent servicing his clients quite well.  I would say, "Not quite"!  Here's the was 12 days ago!!!  I consider my memory to be above average.  People ask me sometimes how the heck I remember a certain phone number, or address, or whatever, but when I am out looking at houses with my clients and we look at several in a day, not to mention the handful of other houses that we've looked at on other days, once we rule a house out for some reason I send those memory files to the "Recycle Bin", to use computer terminology.  And so when an agent calls me to get feedback on a home I try my hardest to give him/her honest feedback that will help them sell that home.  I can tell you that I certainly appreciate when agents provide me with feedback on my listings.  Not only does is help me position my client's house in the market, but it lets my clients know what buyers are thinking about their house.  Do they feel that the price is too high compared to the other that they are looking at?  Is the floorplan not conducive to their lifestyle?  Is the lot too small?  It could be anything, but knowing what the issues are definitely helps.  But I can tell you that if I waited 12 days before I contacted an agent for feedback on one of my listings, I probably just wouldn't call.  At that point, I've missed the boat.  It is my policy to request feedback on every one of the showings of my listings, and not on day 12.  As soon as I know that somebody has shown the property I send an email with a photo and description of the house to jog their memories.  This works with great efficiency.  First of all, I'm not bugging an agent in the middle of their busy day with a phone call, whenever they check their emails they can take a couple of minutes to respond to the email.  Second, as agents, we look at houses every day and the chances of remembering one particular house are slim, so when they check their email and see the photo and description of my client's home it helps recall the memory of the home and enables them to provide the most accurate feedback possible.

So to all you would be agents out there, first lesson......don't wait for 12 days before calling an agent to request feedback on their showing of your listing.  Your not servicing your clients very well, and quite honestly, it's annoying to me to receive those phone calls that far down the road.  I think I'm going to add this to my list of pet peeves.

-Steve N.