Thursday, March 29, 2007

More Development for Chandler

Metropolitan at Chandler is the newest upscale development to hit the northwest end of Chandler.  Supposedly breaking ground this summer, for completion in 2-3 years, the development is located just West of Chandler Fashion Square and boasts 12 acres of shops, restaurants and upper-level residences.  The condos are slated to sell for $225-450,000 for studios and 1-2 bedrooms.  Wow! 

I'm sure most residents who live near where the development is set to go in, aren't thrilled with the idea of more people and traffic on their streets.  Especially considering the stalled project just South of Chandler Mall - an 8 story shopping and condominium project that looks like a bomb hit it.  Yes, it's a huge eyesore and who knows if it will ever be completed?

On the other hand, dual-use Real Estate seems to have it's advantages.  If you can live, work and shop all within walking distance of your home, who needs a car?  Well, okay, that's pretty extreme, however, think how much less driving (and pollution) those residents will incur.  As well as the hope that if you're walking or biking your way around, maybe an actual "community" will develop.  What?  You might actually know your neighbors?!

It will be interesting to see how Metropolitan at Chandler develops and whether the live above/work below philosophy will actually fly here in the Southeast Valley.