Thursday, March 8, 2007

It's A Great Feeling!

There are days in this business that if you let get to you will wear you down.  As Chris Butterworth metioned in an earlier post "Is Rudeness a trend?", if looking at his past couple of weeks it appears that rudeness on the part of home-buyer's and home-seller's is trending upward.  And quite honestly, I've experienced some of the same things Chris has been dealing with recently.  It is one of the most frustrating parts of our jobs.  But, I was reminded today of why I love this business so much.  I met a couple at an open house in July '06.  The house they walked into was not quite what they were looking for, so I offered to help them find a new home and represent them as their buyer's agent.  We talked about their timeline and discovered that due to schooling issues they were not going to be ready to move until the spring of 2007.  We've stayed in contact over the months and I set them up with automated email updates so they could keep track of what the market in their area was doing.  Well, to make a long story short, we signed the loan docs on their new home this afternoon.  They got a good deal on their home and because of the way we structured the deal they had to put zip, zilch, nada down.  All of the details worked out just as we had planned them to and they were so excited after leaving the title company.  The transaction is not due to close for another couple of days, and we have a couple more small tasks to complete before we are officially at the finish line, but seeing the excitement in their faces is what keeps going on a daily basis.  I was on a high all day long today from knowing that I've helped an amazing family get into their new home.  I wish I could have this feeling every day.  I have another closing scheduled in a couple of weeks and am excited to help many many more families with their real estate transactions.

-Steve N.