Sunday, March 4, 2007

Indoor Air Pollution Gross-Outs

With allergy season upon us, here are some facts to think about with your indoor air pollution! 
*the average home collects approximately 2 pounds of dust per week
*the visible particles constitute only 10% of all particulates – 98-99% are 5 microns or less
*visible particles are usually 50 microns or larger
*the most harmful particles are .3 microns or smaller (a HEPA filter won’t work for these)
*we breathe in about 1 billion particles per day that our lungs have to filter out
*100% of all respitory ailments and disease and caused by inhaled particulate
*80% of the debris you see floating in the air is dead skin
Are you thinking it’s time for an air purifier now?  I sure am!  I’ll be blogging over the next few weeks, about the basics of the different types of air purifiers out there,  just in case you want to invest that tax refund into some cleaner air in your home this year.