Friday, March 23, 2007

If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say......

Well that's what my mom always used to tell me, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!"  Last week my clients had a home inspection scheduled on the home that we have in escrow.  The home is vacant (was a rental property), and typically the home inspectors are provided a code from the listing agent that allows them access to the key in the lockbox.  However, this time the listing agent insisted that the be there to let the inspector in instead of providing him the access code.  Fine by me, just as long as he can get into the house and perform the necessary inspections that my clients are expecting.  As a general practice of mine I always try and show up at the end of the inspection.  There are a couple of reasons for this, 1) I don't need to sit at the house while the inspector does his job, all I'm going to do is chat his ear off and slow him down, and 2) I want to be able to see first hand the issues that have been revealed in the inspection so that I can negotiate more effectively for my clients.  So last week I show up just as the inspection was winding down.  The inspector then took us around the house to show us what he had found.  One of the issues was a dual paned window in which the seal between the two panes had dislodged itself through expansion and contraction and was no longer properly sealing the void between the two panes.  By the way, the listing agent had decided to sit at the house the entire time (2 1/2 hours) the inspection was taking place.  So as the inspector was describing the issue to my clients the listing agent interupts and says, "I can tell you right now that the owner will not be fixing that.  That window has not failed and I'm telling you she will not fix that window.  It's not that big of an issue".  After I picked myself up off the floor, I did everything I could to keep my mouth shut.  I guess for some people that might work in intimidating them to not even ask for the repair.  Not my clients!  They said to me after the inspection had concluded that they were probably going to ask for the window to be repaired just to see if they could get the seller to do it, but after the comment from the listing agent they will most definitely be asking for it to be repaired and would make it one of the top priorities on the list of repairs.

So I wonder if the seller would like to know that she might be fixing the window for my clients because of some completely uncalled for comment from her Realtor.  I bet her Realtor would rather her not know that.

This seems like one of those times that he might have wanted to heed my mom's advice.

- Steve Nicks