Monday, February 26, 2007

Why I love the Suburbs

I’ve already posted about my favorite reasons for loving Central Phoenix – now here are my top reasons for loving the suburbs!
1. Wide streets and little traffic.  No more fumbling along at a snail’s pace during the weekdays in Phoenix – the suburbs have open roadways to get you where you’re going fast!
2. No brown cloud. Yes, we all live in the Valley, so we all breathe the same polluted air, but at least you don’t have to watch with horror as you drive right into the center of it every day.
3. Everything you need is right around the corner.  Restaurants, shopping – all within a mile or two of each neighborhood, thanks to the invention of strip-malls.
4. Bigger houses.  Historic Districts are cool, but suburbs give you room to breathe, especially if you have a family and love wide open spaces.
5. Silence.  Few planes, automobiles, city noise….the further out you are, the quieter the air, especially at night.  How calming.