Saturday, February 10, 2007

Southwest Landscaping in Chandler

We live in the desert, yet so many of us have this innate desire for green grass, lush trees and vegetation, colorful flowers and golf courses.
We desire landscaping that visually appeals to us, whether or not our environment can sustain it. I know that I personally am more attracted to houses and yards with flower gardens, shade trees and lots of grass! The color green seems so much easier on the eyes than the harsh reflective glare of the desert, especially in the summertime, doesn’t it? Large shade trees also make the whole of the valley seem just a bit cooler when the temperatures are soaring above 110.
However, we have to step out of ourselves for a moment and consider the future of both Arizona and the planet we live on. We live in the desert where water has to be pumped in to maintain our desires for landscaping. This may be working well for now, but with the growth rate of the Phoenix area, where will we be in 20 or 50 years, or even 100? It’s hard to consider how our actions now will affect future generations after we’re long gone, but I believe we humans are starting to get our minds to shift and think beyond our current life expectancies!
Back to the topic at hand, is it possible to create landscaping that both appeals to our visual senses of beauty as well as supports our desert environment and water resources?
The City of Chandler thinks so! The City of Chandler Parks and Recreation Department is offering a FREE 3-part Southwest Landscaping Course to help those of us who are stuck in the grass rut! These classes are only available to Chandler utility residents (but check your local Parks and Recreation Departments and see if they are running something similar) and will be held on Tuesdays this Spring. In addition, the City of Chandler is also featuring free irrigation classes as well. You can’t beat that!
Click here for more information on the classes and enjoy!