Saturday, February 3, 2007

Peoria Parks

Peoria city planners, along with some of the local developers, have been busy trying to keep up with the quick pace of the city's growth. Everyone considering moving to the newly developed areas has the same questions - when & where are the schools going to be, are there going to be enough recreation areas, and what will the area look like when all the construction is done?
Peoria has been making a lot of progress, and has been listening to feedback from local residents. Here are some new and some modified parks in the area:

Vistancia Park - a 15-acre park is scheduled to open this month on the community's north side. The park will be adjacent to an elementary school, and will have some additional embellishments to help it blend in with the surrounding community.

West Wing Mountain - a 20-acre park is planned for the center of the West Wing community. Developers are currently being considered for the project.

Rio Vista Park - a 50,000 square foot recreation center will be built at Rio Vista Park (Thunderbird just west of Loop 101). The center will have a gym, classrooms, an indoor track, a childrens area, conference rooms, and wireless internet access. The expected completion date is July of this year.

Alta Vista Park - this park, located at Williams and 107th Ave, just opened a couple of weeks ago. One of its main attractions - a dog-friendly area where people can let their dogs run and play without a leash. Can you say Dog Park?

These parks should give Peoria residents more reasons to get outside & enjoy our beautiful weather (at least until July & August!)