Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Open House Home Shopping

I'm always amazed when people come into my open houses and after talking with them for a little bit, I discover that they've been shopping for homes exclusively at open houses.  At that point I always offer my services to them and explain the advantage of having a Realtor® working for them finding homes that fit the needs and wants through the MLS rather than spending weekend after weekend driving around specific neighborhoods and hoping that the next open house is going to be the house of their dreams.  The odds of that happening are so slim, and I hate to see all these nice folks wasting their time.  But time after time these folks express to me that they prefer to search this way and they don't need the help.  There could be a couple of things happening, 1. they are not really looking for a new home at all, but just passing some time by looking at beautiful homes that they are dreaming about one day owning (and that's quite alright as well, it gives me somebody to talk to during the day), or 2. I must really be offensive, and maybe they just don't like me.  My guess is that scenario #1 is the more likely, because I try my hardest not to offend peope immediately after meeting them, and my wife always tells me that I'm a pretty nice guy, probably too nice sometimes.  In any case, if they are looking for a new home by driving around to open houses weekend after weekend, I wish them the best of luck and I hope they own a hybrid vehicle, because that gas bill is going to look like my gas bill every month, and that's no fun!  Trust me. ;)

-Steve N.