Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Living in Central Phoenix

There are always the things you love about where you live, and the things you can do without.  Here’s a list of my top reasons why I love
Central Phoenix!

  1. The Historic Districts.  Do I need to say more than “Encanto”?  Unique houses, large yards and history to boot!  No more having to count which house is yours because you can’t tell the difference between yours and your neighbors.

  2. Empty Weekends. Central Phoenix may be busy during the weekdays, but have you taken a drive down Central Ave on the weekend?  You’ve got the whole City to yourself evenings and weekends!

  3. The Hip Art Scene.  First Fridays in Downtown Phoenix is where it all started!  Other suburbs have tried to create their own version, but nothing compares to the original.

  4. You’re half-way to everywhere in the Valley.  Starting in the center reduces your travel time to just about anywhere in the
    Phoenix area.

  5. You’re not contributing to Urban Sprawl.  Infill is the word and it makes you feel good.