Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Green Living in Scottsdale

Sustainable Living, Green Living, Eco-Friendly Environments – how many of us have even heard of these ideas here in the Phoenix area? Or know how to apply them to our choices in regards to housing and daily living?

It seems rare that these phrases come up in our conversations. I’ve seen and heard them much more often in places such as Northern California, Oregon and Washington. I think the ideas and values are just starting to filter into our consciousness here in Phoenix, where we might need them just a bit more than other cities, given our natural environment of the arid Sonoran desert.

One new project that I’ve run across is the Optima Camelview Condominium Village located near Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale. It features a green rooftop to help cut down on electricity costs, increase oxygen emissions, reduce the city’s heat index, as well as provide a relaxing environment for those living there. The rooftop is called “Green”, however, those forward thinking souls at Optima are planning for desert-native plants to be installed, in keeping with the philosophies of Green Living and low-water usage.
Here’s an article with more information on the Optima project

I fully believe in our abilities to exist in harmony with our natural environments, if we are just given the tools to do so. I applaud Optima for being the first Green Living Rooftop (that I know of!) in the Valley. Hopefully by being a frontrunner on the track of Green Living, they will help pave the way for more and more projects to embrace Sustainable Living ideas into our city environments.