Monday, February 5, 2007

Glendale Chocolate Festival - one big Sugar Crash!

Ahhhh, the Glendale Chocolate Festival. Held this past weekend in downtown Glendale, my daughters and I headed over, dreaming of the events about to unfold.
Booth upon booth of decadent chocolates from every corner of the globe. Dark Chocolate, Fudge, Cherry-filled chocolates, delicious European Chocolate, chocolate covered bananas and strawberries, Chocolate sculptures, Chocolates we had never imagined or heard of. Free samples everywhere to make your eyes pop and your mouth water.
Well, that was our dream and we were sorely disappointed.
I have more chocolate in my cupboards at home than was at the Glendale "Chocolate" Festival!

The sad reality of the Chocolate Festival, was that it was a street festival, pretty much like any other. I would estimate that 95% of the booths were NOT chocolate oriented, but vendors selling their hand-made crafts, like you see at all art festivals (not to discredit the artwork that was there - it was fantastic, but just not the same as chocolate!). They did have bands all weekend, as well as a rock-climbing wall for the kids and tons of authors signing romance novels. We counted 6 booths that were actually making and selling chocolate. 2 of them were your basic chocolate covered fruit and cheesecake, two were full of fudge and yummy delectables and one was "healthy" chocolate. I'm sure all their chocolate products were fantastic, but I was disappointed that there didn't seem to be anything novel about any of their chocolate products. Not to mention that the lines were so long at the few chocolate booths that were there, that we didn't have the patience to stand in line to try any!

In the end, we did buy some fudge, which is absolutely lovely and I am enjoying every bite of it. I'll just have to keep dreaming of my Chocolate Eden and hoping that next year, Glendale will really make their "Chocolate" Festival FULL of Chocolate!