Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Avoiding Moving Disasters

For most of us, moving is one of those inevitabilities that we try to avoid at all costs. I’ve had clients who moved with little or no unexpected events or complications. On the other hand, I’ve had clients who seemed to have the deck stacked against them. The one that happened most recently was a client of another member of The Butterworth Group. She seemingly had done everything right and had a moving company scheduled to show up on the day the transaction was due to close. When the time came for the movers to show up, nobody showed. She made numerous attempts to contact the moving company with no success. She called us to see if we had any ideas for her. We brainstormed for a little bit and came to the conclusion that her only option was to call around and see if she would be lucky enough to find another moving company that would be able to help. And not charge her some grossly over-inflated amount when recognizing that they had the upper hand. She was lucky enough to find a moving company that happened to have a truck and a couple of movers available, that was only going to charge her a nominal amount more for the same day service.

It was while I was reading this article on last week that I was reminded about this story. Obviously when moving long distances the chance for disasters to occur are much more likely. This article highlights one womans story and gives us all things to look for when interviewing and dealing with moving companies.

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-Steve N.