Tuesday, February 13, 2007

5 Best Reasons for Living in Phoenix

Being a Phoenix native (what? Is there such a thing?), I used to complain about the heat and how could anyone ever CHOOSE to live in 100 degree plus weather for a good 5-6 months out of the year?
One day someone who has traveled extensively and also lived in a myriad of locations, asked me,
“Heidi, have you ever lived anywhere else?” and of course the answer was no.
He said, then you have no idea how good you have it here, how beautiful Phoenix is, and how this is one of the best places to live that he’s ever been. He made me realize that I had nothing to compare Phoenix to, since I had grown up here.
After this conversation, I changed my outlook and started viewing the Valley from a different perspective. Besides the heat, are there really any negatives to living in the Phoenix area? It’s amazing the appreciation I have developed for my hometown from such a short conversation!
On that note, here are my favorite reasons for living in Phoenix – what are yours?
1. If you’re in the mood for snow, it’s just a short drive to Flagstaff to visit for a weekend. It’s like having a baby over – you get all the fun, but then they get to go home with mom and dad and you’re off the hook! The same goes for snow – you can visit Flagstaff for a day and go home to the sun and leave the snow behind.
2. You can pretty much choose to wear any clothing you like, whenever you like and not be restricted by cold or wet weather. Endless summer!
3. When the rain comes in, it does so with flair and drama, and never overstays its welcome. We can appreciate the rain so much more when it’s sparse. In the summer monsoons, huge billowing clouds of dust, wind and rain wallop the Valley for a few hours and then they’re gone. No days upon days of grey cloud cover to trigger those depression chemicals in your brain.
4. You can plan a picnic or birthday party in the park and it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever get rained out. The same goes for outdoor weddings.
5. You can get a pedicure any day you want, because you can always wear sandals to show those pretty toes off! When my friends from colder states visit, they say it’s pointless to get pedicures because they’ll go back home and be wearing boots all winter long. Now, I just love pretty toes and this may just be my favorite reason for living in Phoenix!