Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Small Private Tempe School Goes Synthetic

It's hard to imagine a school without a grassy play area for the kids. But the grass comes with a price... Green, winter rye grass tends to always be wet. Dormant bermuda grass gets dust and "hay" everywhere. Rain, though infrequent in our city, makes mud. Springtime brings new bermuda growth, and lots of allergies! ran a story today about Chrysalis Academy, a small private school in Tempe specializing in teaching children with autism, who recently replaced their natural grass with a lush, green synthetic lawn. The most common feedback from the children, teachers, and parents alike has been "I love it!"

Kudos to Chrysalis Academy for being proactive. And Kudos to those whose generous donations made it possible.

Read the article here.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I know the folks at Chrysalis Academy and have nothing but good words to say and admiration for what they do.