Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Home Staging Tips and Tricks

I've been researching a bit on Home Staging lately - and have been amazed at how good Home Stagers can make your home look (and supposedly raise the price tag as well as sell it quicker)! However, there is a price-tag attached to have someone come in and Stage your home for you, and it's up to you to decide if it's worth it. In the meantime, here's a handful of tips that I"ve learned in my research:
1. De-clutter - oh my, how many times have we all heard this? But it's true! Start packing all those items you rarely use and can live without for a bit of time. Have nowhere to put them? Call IPOD or one of the other mobile storage units - they'll drop the unit off in your driveway, you pack it up, they take it away. It can't get any easier than that to de-clutter your house!
2. Windows and Light - people LOVE windows and light (well, at least most of us do), so make sure when showing your home you've got the windows clean and the curtains or shades open. Move furniture away from the windows, so that it doesn't block the light. This will make your home look and feel bigger, which is always a plus to buyers.
3. Vanilla candle. Just one, mind you! Home Stagers have told me that the most appreciated scent in a home is one vanilla candle.
4. Colors - if you're looking to re-vamp the master suite, the most popular colors that appeal to buyers are burgundy and gold. Supposedly if you're on the cutting edge of Home Decorating for 2007, chocolate and pink are the way to go, but I have a feeling that's just a fad for those who are on the "model home runway". Which is to say, not for most of us!
The hardest color to sell is supposedly blue, because there are so many shades of blue that it's hard to match. As well as the fact that with so many shades of blue, everyone is going to have their favorite, which may or may not be the shade you choose to decorate with.
5. Flowers bring life! Even if you have a black thumb, head to your nearest garden center and grab up a couple of pre-planted pots of flowers for your front door. Just remember to water them every few days! Red is supposed to be the most inviting color of flower for selling a house.
6. OCD - yes, if you've got any OCD tendencies, #6 is for you! In your pantry, turn your boxes and cans so that they all face the same way with the labels out. It will make your pantry look organized (which of course we all want to acheive, but rarely do - it may just awe your buyers!). Do the same thing in your bathroom cabinets too. Because you know we all can't resist taking a peek into the cupboards and cabinets!
Have fun!