Monday, January 1, 2007

Home Search in Heber/Overgaard

I recently visited Heber/Overgaard scouting for a vacation home for a client. I have been there plenty of times in the summer, however this was my first winter visit and I have to say, it's just as beautiful in the winter! We drove through a beautiful snowfall on our way and it was lovely to see the white ground cover for a while, making it really feel like winter! The air was so clear and refreshing, and it was cold enough to be invigorating, but not so cold that we were miserable. I have to say, I was more entranced with the area than I had expected!
One of our challenges of the day, was to determine what areas of Heber and Overgaard matched what she was looking for in a home, and what areas did not. We had a long list of houses for sale that we were going to look at, but as it turns out, we only looked at two. We spent the rest of the day driving neighborhoods and found some real gems! We realized that it worked much better for us to scout different neighborhoods and mark the ones we liked on our map. When we came back to Phx, we can take a look at the houses that are for sale, compare them to our map, and then determine if we want to seriously look at them, based on whether they are located in our chosen areas. Since the area is only a 2 hour drive or so (depending on what part of the Valley you're coming from), it makes a great getaway for a vacation home both summer and winter.
Our other challenge of the day was realizing that you really do need four-wheel drive for many of the roads up there in the winter! If you're looking for a second home up north, make sure you have a vehicle that can get you in and out, as we found that only the main roads are plowed and many of the side streets that lead to the houses are covered in snow this time of year.