Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Guaranteed Ways NOT to Sell Your House

Yes, there are certified things you can do, which will virtually guarantee that potential buyers will run screaming from your property! Here are my 3 most popular choices from the last few weeks of house shopping with clients:

1. Leave cigarette butts in the toilet. That brown-yellow color matches so well with the tile!
2. Spray for bugs and then don't check back. Roaches are bound to crawl out from the woodwork and die in the bathroom toilets, bathtubs and floors. I've even seen one hanging out the vent. Ewwwwww!
3. Let your tenants stay in the house to greet the buyers while they're seeing the property. A couple weeks ago we were greeted by a tenant with the flu, who told us she was ill but not to worry about it as she would stay out of our way. I assume since she was ill, she didn't have time to clean her house in the last few years, so there was molding food all over the dishes in the kitchen, clothes all over the floor, plus who knows what kind of virus we were breathing just by being in there! I had to exit the house just because of the smell!

What stories do you have?