Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Showing Your Home

I was out with clients today looking at several houses. The first house that we looked at the owner was home while we were there. She was very nice and friendly and accomodating. She greeted us at the door and then stood there like she was going to lead us around the house on a tour. I could tell immediately that my clients were a little uncomfortable. I did what I could to politely release ourselves from the tour guide. Luckily my clients had been in the house over the weekend at an open house and just wanted to get another look, so they were already a little bit familiar with the home. But they most likely wanted a second look without the listing agent breathing down their necks. But, to our surprise, we got the owners breathing down our necks instead.

We all understand that the owners can't always be away when somebody comes to look at the home, and sometimes it's nice to have the owners there to answer questions that only they would know the answers to, but as a general rule of thumb, if you don't have to be there, go for a walk around the block (unless it's summer time of course), or just stay out of the way. Maybe point out the highlights of the home very quickly and then let the potential buyers take their time in the home. More times than not an overzealous seller trying to point out and describe every little feature of the home and how it has worked so well for them is only hurting their case.