Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Old Rawhide.....New Development

For those of us who have lived in Phoenix for some time (not too many of us left!), Rawhide was one of those places that we remember going to every few years when we had visitors in from out of town and we wanted to show them what living in Phoenix was all about. You know, gun fighting in the streets outside the saloon, mining for gold, eating dinner in a big mess hall on rickety wooden tables, horse carriage rides, normal life for us living in the wild, wild west. Seriously though, I have great memories of my visits to Rawhide. And now, not that they are gone, but the old Rawhide in it's new location just doesn't seem like it could be the same.
And now, just like most everything else around the Phoenix area, the old Rawhide location that was purchased a couple of years ago is set to be developed into townhomes and condominuims. It sounds like they will be very upscale and amazing places to live, but I will always have the memories of driving out into the middle of nowhere (now not so middle of nowhere) and spending an evening experiencing the old days.

Read a PDF Version of the article here.